Housing Acceleration Program

SANDAG established the Housing Acceleration Program (HAP) to prioritize planning activities that accelerate housing production. The HAP Strategy outlines goals and actions to address the housing crisis and reach our climate goals. 

How will we accomplish this? With the help of the Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) grants of 2019 and 2021, REAP 1.0 and 2.0. SANDAG received $6.8 million through REAP 1.0 and is set to receive $43 million through REAP 2.0. Using these funds, HAP will support local governments, developers, tribal nations, and transit agencies to develop policies that will help accelerate housing production for all, prioritize infill development, and reduce vehicle miles traveled. 

The HAP Strategy includes three core elements:

  • Local Jurisdiction Support:  Equip member agencies with the resources and capacity to implement pro-housing best practices. 
  • Data Analysis and Policy Resources: Compile data, policy tools, and resources for local jurisdictions, stakeholders, and communities. 
  • Regional Initiatives: Provide education, leadership, and funding opportunities to accelerate housing investment. 

Local jurisdictions can apply for funding through our Housing Acceleration Grant Program and subscribe to our email list for updates on SANDAG’s housing efforts. To learn more about our current programs and activities, contact housing@sandag.org.

Projects and Programs

Anti-Displacement Strategy

The regionwide anti-displacement strategy is a near-term initiative of the 2021 Regional Plan that offers technical assistance to local governments, helping them meet state and federal requirements for fair housing. This initiative also provides resources for stakeholders to understand displacement risks throughout San Diego County.

Local Jurisdiction Technical Assistance Program 

The HAP Technical Assistance Program provides housing policy resources tailored to support local jurisdictions as they: 

  • implement their 6th Cycle housing elements
  • prepare for new housing legislation
  • streamline permitting processes for local housing development

For more information, contact the HAP Technical Assistance project team at SANDAG_HAPTA@ascentenvironmental.com or housing@sandag.org.

Housing Policy and Planning Tool 

The Housing Policy and Planning Tool is a web-based geospatial resource that enables users to analyze data related to housing, land use, and equity throughout the San Diego region.

Sustainable Communities On-call

SANDAG retains on-call consultant services, which the cities and the County of San Diego can use for a variety of planning disciplines without having to undergo procurement or negotiation procedures. Services are provided by pre-selected firms with expertise in land use, housing, community development finance, equity, and more. For more information or to receive the Sustainable Communities On-call Jurisdiction Toolkit, contact housing@sandag.org.

Educational Outreach

SANDAG leads educational outreach and engagement activities, including a Housing Policy Leadership Academy and housing policy forums.

Pro-Housing Best Practices

The Pro-Housing Best Practices identify the 17 core functions of SANDAG’s role in fostering regional collaboration, which include removing barriers to housing development, advancing equity, and improving housing finance mechanisms.

Capital Mapping 

Capital Mapping identifies public, private, and philanthropic funding opportunities to help us reach regional housing targets. Capital Mapping provides a strategic outline for how SANDAG can build partnerships and coalitions to support housing development.

Value Capture and Joint Development

The Regional Value Capture Study identifies and evaluates value capture instruments and joint development opportunities for the San Diego region. The study offers recommendations and a long-term implementation strategy for SANDAG, local jurisdictions, and transit agencies to collaboratively address housing and infrastructure needs using innovative financing strategies. An additional Screening Tool can be used to evaluate specific opportunities.