Transportation Development Act

The Transportation Development Act (TDA) provides state funding primarily for transit operations but is also used for transportation planning, bus and rail projects, bikeways and walkways, and specialized transit services for people with disabilities. The TDA comes from a quarter-cent statewide sales tax by the Local Transportation Funds and from the statewide sales tax on diesel fuel by the State Transit Assistance (STA) Act. Two percent of TDA funds are apportioned each year exclusively for pedestrian and bicyclist infrastructure per SANDAG Board policy.  

SANDAG administers and proportionately distributes TDA funds each year to local transit operators. Operators have full discretion over the use of TDA funds apportioned to them and must submit their annual TDA claims based on apportionments and in compliance with SANDAG Board Policy No. 027, TDA Administration Policy. Every three years, SANDAG commissions a performance audit of each recipient of TDA funds as well as an audit of SANDAG as the administrator of the program.