<h1>Meeting Assistance</h1> <h1>Meeting Assistance</h1>

Meeting Assistance

At SANDAG, we strive to make our meetings, events, and documents accessible to all. If you need an accommodation not listed below, email languageassistance@sandag.org, or call 619.699.1900 or 619.699.1904 (TTY), or fax 619.699.1905.

Written Documents 

Email languageassistance@sandag.org three business days before you need these accommodations for written materials:
  • Adaptation for screen reader: We currently strive to make all of our PDFs compatible with screen readers. If one of our documents is not, we will reformat it to make it compatible.
  • Large print document: We can make available versions of our documents in 14-point type (or larger), Arial, and double-spaced.
  • Braille transcription: Written materials can be translated into Braille.

In-Person and Virtual Meetings

SANDAG Board of Directorspolicy advisory committees, and working groups are open to the public in person and/or virtually in accordance with the Ralph M. Brown Act. Many accommodations are automatically available at our public meetings. Closed captioning is always available during Zoom and Teams meetings by pressing the CC button at the bottom of the screen. Please note that SANDAG uses readily available speech recognition technology to automatically create captions for our online meeting and video content. The accuracy of captions may vary based on pronunciations, accents, dialects, or background noise. Assistive listening devices are always available from reception for meetings at the SANDAG office. Simultaneous interpretation in Spanish is available at all public meetings*.

Email languageassistance@sandag.org three business days before you need these accommodations for meetings or events:

  • Person guiding: A guide is provided to accompany a visually impaired person at a public meeting or event to help them access the building and move through the space.
  • Interpretation in another language: We can provide simultaneous or consecutive interpretation in another language, including ASL, during public meetings or events.
  • Assistive listening devices at off-site meetings: Headphones provide a personalized way to control the volume of the meeting.

*Spanish interpretation can be provided at the Chiefs’/Sheriff’s Management Committee meeting and other meetings and events upon request.

Meeting Agenda Comments 

To address the members on meeting agenda and non-agenda items, please email comments to the clerk at clerkoftheboard@sandag.org. In your email, please include the committee’s name and meeting date in your subject line and identify the item number(s) you wish to comment. Comments received by 4 p.m. the business day before the meeting will be provided to members prior to the meeting. All comments received prior to the close of the meeting will be made part of the meeting record. 

Members of the public may speak to the committee on any item at the time the committee is considering the item. Public speakers are generally limited to three minutes or less per person.  

To provide in-person verbal comments during the meeting, you may fill out a speaker slip found in the lobby. If you join a meeting virtually, you may use the “Raise Hand” function on Zoom to request to provide public comment. A meeting may also be joined by phone, where you may enter *9 to “Raise Hand” and *6 to unmute. Requests to provide live public comment must be made at the beginning of the relevant item and no later than the end of any staff presentation on the item.

If you would like to display media in conjunction with your comments, please inform the clerk by 4 p.m., two working days prior to the meeting. If joining virtually, the clerk will be prepared to have you promoted to a position where you will be able to share your media yourself during your allotted comment time. The clerk will call on members of the public who have timely requested to provide comment by name for those in person and joining via a computer, and by the last three digits of the phone number of those joining via telephone. Please note that any available chat feature on the Zoom meeting platform should be used by panelists and attendees solely for procedural or other “housekeeping” matters as comments provided via the chat feature will not be retained as part of the meeting record. All comments to be provided for the record must be made in writing via email or speaker slip, or verbally per the instructions above.