5 Big Moves

How will SANDAG create a transportation system that addresses traffic congestion, creates equal access for all, and meets climate action and clean air mandates? We’re tackling the challenge with 5 Big Moves—inter-reliant strategies that will improve life in the region through creation of a comprehensive, connected transportation system:  

  • Complete Corridors leverage technology and a host of travel options to create a dedicated, safe space for everyone on highways and major roads. 
  • Transit Leap creates a network of fast, convenient, and reliable transit services to move people from where they live to where they want to go. 
  • Mobility Hubs are vibrant activity centers where different travel options–walking, biking, transit, and shared mobility–come together to connect people with their destinations and businesses with their customers. 
  • Flexible Fleets include a variety of on-demand transportation options, from bikes to rideshare to shuttles, that will offer first- and last-mile transit connections and convenient alternatives to driving alone. 
  • Next Operating System (Next OS) will function as the “brain” of the entire transportation system through leading-edge technology that will allow people to connect to transportation services and a digital platform that will enable dynamic management of roadways and transit services.