REAP 2.0

The Regional Early Action Planning Grants of 2021 (REAP 2.0) is a flexible program that accelerates progress toward our state housing goals and climate commitments through a strengthened partnership between the state, its regions, and local entities. Goals include:

  • Accelerating infill housing development
  • Reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)
  • Increasing housing supply at all affordability levels
  • Affirmatively furthering fair housing
  • Facilitating the implementation of adopted regional and local plans 

REAP 2.0 is administered by the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) in collaboration with the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR), the Strategic Growth Council (SGC), and the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Through this program, approximately $510 million will flow directly to Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs); $30 million is set aside for eligible entities in smaller counties in non-MPO regions and for tribal entities; and $30 million is set aside for the Higher Impact Transformative allocation for all eligible entities (i.e., city, county, transit agency, tribal entity, etc.).  

Throughout 2022, SANDAG conducted outreach to various stakeholders and the community to support the development of the complete REAP 2.0 application that was submitted in December 2022.

Efforts that were proposed to the state and approved in July 2023 include:

  • Local Jurisdiction Support:  Housing Acceleration Program for local jurisdictions: planning and capital grants, technical assistance, and data resources
  • Affordable Housing Programs: regional housing trust funding and coordination on additional grant opportunities for affordable housing
  • Transit Agency Partnership: advancing transit-oriented development
  • Tribal Partnership: complementing housing programs on tribal lands 

SANDAG will receive approximately $43 million in formula funding through the REAP 2.0 MPO allocation.

In July 2023, the San Diego Region also won a $10 million grant from the REAP 2.0 Higher Impact Transformative (HIT) allocation.  This collaborative effort between SANDAG, the City of San Diego, Casa Familiar and National Community Renaissance (National CORE) will support new infrastructure along the Blue Line Trolley in the South Bay and provide access to opportunities throughout the county. Transforming & Advancing South County Transit Communities (TASC) will provide transit-oriented affordable housing development at the Palm Avenue Transit Station, convert an alleyway into a safer corridor for pedestrians and bikes and establish rent-to-own opportunities for residents in San Ysidro.

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Board of Directors: 02/25/2022 

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