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We believe in creating a sustainable and safe future for everyone in the San Diego region. Although we enjoy one of the most temperate climates in the world, that doesn’t mean we’re immune from the effects of climate change. Many climate challenges already impact our region: hotter and more frequent heat waves, prolonged droughts, more destructive wildfires, degraded air quality, more extreme precipitation and flooding, rising sea levels, and destructive storm surges. Our region must adjust how we respond to climate change today and become more resilient for the future.

SANDAG is working with local governments to help strengthen our communities, local and regional economies, natural resources, and recreational spaces against the impacts of ongoing climate change. Our programs include both climate mitigation and adaptation efforts; mitigation involves reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change, whereas adaptation involves mitigating the risks of climate change impacts.

Venn diagram describing resilience as the intersection of mitigation and adaptation. Mitigation strategies listed include: reduce energy use, install EV chargers, collect rainwater, and increase transit. Adaptation strategies listed include: cool zones, defensible space, green infrastructure, and ecosystem restoration. Strategies that overlap include: equitable distribution of benefits, disaster response and recovery, agency coordination, integrated policies, and reduced public health vulnerabilities.