Legislative Program

SANDAG provides a critically important public forum for regional policy decisions on everything from land use and growth, infrastructure project delivery, and technology to housing, open space, binational collaboration, climate, energy, and environmental management.

We’ve set broad, policy-oriented goals to advance SANDAG’s mission, vision, and strategic priorities by securing the necessary legislative authority, program funding, political support, and/or regulatory actions at the local, state, and federal levels. Learn more about the policies and initiatives we are supporting in 2023, as outlined in in our Legislative and Policy Program.

Legislative and Policy Focus Areas  

SANDAG is committed to creating a San Diego region where every person who lives, works, and visits can thrive. We facilitate projects, policies, and programs that promote equity and inclusion, and we work with stakeholders to identify areas of improvement. For example, SANDAG coordinates with the state to help local Community Based Organizations access funding address the region's inequities.

We continue to seek state and federal grants, discretionary awards, pilot programs, and strategic partnerships to fund the many projects that bring SANDAG's Regional Plan to life. We also support opportunities to pilot meaningful technologies, programs, and processes, and leverage new and existing partner relationships.

SANDAG supports California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) reform and streamlining to ensure our projects are delivered efficiently and cost-effectively. We also encourage innovative delivery methods and strategies that expedite projects, minimize costs, and provide the highest quality of service.

To address the affordable housing shortage, SANDAG partners with its member agencies and other stakeholders to support legislative efforts that incentivize housing development near existing and planned transportation.

SANDAG coordinates comprehensive planning efforts to improve critical transportation and infrastructure along the U.S.-Mexico border. We also coordinate with the region’s 17 federally-recognized and sovereign tribal nations to ensure tribal priorities are integrated into the region’s vision for the future.

SANDAG has a long history of working closely with local jurisdictions and stakeholders to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve other environmental goals through sustainable transportation projects, programs, and services. SANDAG partners with stakeholders to maximize clean transportation investments and help advance the region’s mobility, resiliency, and sustainability goals.

SANDAG has developed an innovative long-term planning process that employs data science and analytics to model transportation planning solutions and collaborate with state and other regional entities. SANDAG seeks policies, infrastructure investments, and new opportunities to further the agency’s work using data analytics, including new ways of conducting business in partnership with the private sector.

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