Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plans

Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plans (CMCPs) are designed to reduce vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions, and identify mobility solutions in our region’s busiest travel corridors. CMCPs are one of the strategies we’re using to carry out the 2021 Regional Plan, our blueprint for enhancing our region’s quality of life through equitable, sustainable, and accessible transportation. 

CMCPs are data driven and analyze demographics, employment centers, economics, and travel patterns to help SANDAG and Caltrans make informed decisions on strategies and funding in major travel corridors throughout the region. The goal is to reduce congestion in highly traveled corridors by providing more transportation choices for residents, commuters, visitors, and commercial cargo, while also preserving the local community, social character, and creating opportunities for neighborhood enhancement projects.  

As part of California Senate Bill 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, CMCPs must be completed for our region to be eligible to compete for certain state and federal funding and grant opportunities that can take future transportation improvements from idea to reality. In coordination with agency partners and Caltrans, SANDAG will develop CMCPs for our region’s 12 major transportation corridors by 2025.