Labor Compliance Monitoring Program

As a recipient of Federal and State funds for its public works projects, SANDAG is required to enforce and monitor contractor adherence to labor and prevailing wage requirements. 

Prevailing Wage is defined as the hourly wage, usual benefits, and overtime paid to most workers within a particular area and is established by regulatory agencies by trade or classification. Projects that receive State funds are subject to the California Labor Code, as administered by the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), and projects that receive Federal funds are subject to the Davis-Bacon Act and are governed by the U.S. Department of Labor.  

To assist contractors in meeting these Federal and State requirements, SANDAG has established a Labor Compliance Monitoring Program and System. 

SANDAG maintains a Labor Compliance Monitoring Program to ensure compliance with the State of California and federal Davis Bacon Act prevailing wage requirements. This program empowers contractors to manage their own records by inputting and uploading prevailing wage documents and to verify information submitted by subcontractors who work for them. This program applies to and is required for all contractors performing covered work that have been awarded a contract under SANDAG.

Labor Compliance Monitoring System

SANDAG implemented a web-based Labor Compliance Monitoring System (LCMS) (currently LCPtracker) which supports our commitment to maximize and report the required prevailing wage information on covered projects by providing efficient, easy to access information and reporting capabilities throughout the entire labor compliance reporting process. If you are a SANDAG contractor, you will submit your certified payroll information, including payroll records, fringe benefit statements, training fund contribution verifications, apprenticeship forms, etc., through LCMS. Log in to visit the LCMS website

This streamlined system is accessible to eligible SANDAG departments, consultants, and contractors. The following key features are available, depending on the level of access: 

  • Web-based, secure access, 24 hours a day 
  • Automated email communication with contractors regarding compliance issues
  • Centralized repository to upload and input all prevailing wage related documents, forms, and certifications 
  • Elimination of cumbersome paper-based processes 
  • Access to webinar and system user guides, as well as technical support when needed 
  • Prevailing Wage forms available for download

If your assigned username and/or password do not work, please contact technical support: 714.669.0052 Ext. 4 or

Staff contact: Venky Ganesan, 619.595.5367, or Erik Staples, 619.595.5347,