Bike Map

Nearly 1,800 miles of bikeway connect the San Diego region, making it easy to bike, walk, or roll wherever you want to go. The San Diego Regional Bike Map can help you plan your trip.

The bike map also serves as an inventory for existing and planned bikeways in the region. This helps transportation planners and modelers identify where gaps in our bikeway network exist and how to fix them. We continually update our data to reflect feedback from local cities and the County of San Diego.

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How to Use the San Diego Regional Bike Map

Use the Layers List to add or remove elements on the map. Layers include:

  • Bike Parking
  • Completed Bikeways
  • Planned Bikeways
  • Freeway Shoulder Bike Access
  • Transit Routes
  • Steep Routes
  • Other Suggested Routes

The legend identifies the different bikeway classes featured in the map. These classes are:

  • Multiuse Path: a bikeway that is physically separated from vehicle traffic to accommodate bike, pedestrian, and other non-motorized traffic.
  • Bike Lane: a roadway lane defined by pavement markings that provide a restricted right-of-way for bicycle travel.
  • Bike Route: a route located on a shared roadway that accommodates vehicles and bicycles in the same travel lane.
  • Separated Bikeway: a bikeway for the exclusive use of bicycles that requires a vertical separation between the bikeway and vehicle lanes.
  • Bike Boulevard: a local road or residential street that has been enhanced with traffic calming and other treatments to facilitate safe and convenient bicycle travel.

Use the Biking Directions button to plot your route on the map. The tool will display three types of routes based on the roadway and bikeway conditions in your area.

  • Most Separated shows routes that separate riders from traffic. These routes prioritize segments with bike facilities and avoid busy roads.
  • Mixed shows routes with less separation but a quicker route to destination. These routes avoid busy roads and segments with no bike infrastructure.
  • Most Direct shows the shortest, fastest routes. These routes avoid segments with no bike infrastructure.

All route types will exclude highways, on-ramps, and one-way streets.