<h1>2021 Regional Plan</h1> <h1>2021 Regional Plan</h1>

2021 Regional Plan

What will our life look like in the future? How will we move around our region? Can we grow in a way that boosts our economy, protects the environment, and provides opportunity for all? SANDAG’s 2021 Regional Plan addresses those challenges and many more. We’ve developed the vision for the plan using a data-driven approach that analyzed where people live and work, how they get around, what transportation infrastructure exists, what is needed to support future growth, and more. With input from diverse communities, we envision a more efficient, accessible, and sustainable transportation system to connect people and places through innovative solutions that will preserve and enhance the quality of life in our region for generations to come. We analyzed the data collected and used innovative planning techniques to identify solutions that would provide the region with faster, more equitable, environmentally sustainable ways of getting around. 

The SANDAG Board of Directors adopted the 2021 Regional Plan and its Environmental Impact Report (EIR) at its meeting on December 10, 2021. Explore projects in the vision through our interactive map. This tool shares the data-driven development process and illustrates planned transportation improvements, such as the 5 Big Moves, and more.