<h1>SANDAG TransNet Program</h1> <h1>SANDAG TransNet Program</h1>

SANDAG TransNet Program

For more than three decades, TransNet has been the driving force for improving transportation infrastructure in the San Diego region. TransNet is the half-cent sales tax administered by SANDAG to fund local transportation projects consistent with the Regional Plan. It was first approved by voters in 1987 and extended in 2004 for another 40 years. This program is one of the largest transportation improvement programs in California. TransNet funds numerous transit, highway, freight, bikeway, and walkway programs, in addition to an environmental conservation program, transit fare subsidies, and grants for smart growth, active transportation, and transportation services for seniors and persons with disabilities.  

TransNet dollars represent a stable funding source to finance critical transportation programs and projects, despite volatile state and federal funding. They are also vital to obtain matching state and federal transportation investments. As of 2021, $3.3 billion in TransNet funds have been leveraged to garner an additional $10 billion from federal, state, and local funding sources. During this time, SANDAG has delivered more than 650 projects with TransNet funding.