Vision Zero

Our streets should be safe for everyone. That’s why the SANDAG Board of Directors adopted a Regional Vision Zero Resolution with steps toward eliminating all traffic fatalities and severe injuries while increasing safe, healthy, and equitable mobility options for all. Vision Zero rejects the idea that traffic crashes are inevitable and instead views them as preventable incidents.  

Approximately 230 lives are lost each year on roads in the San Diego region, and nearly 1,400 people experience life-altering injuries from traffic crashes. Despite efforts to reduce these numbers, fatalities and life-altering injuries still persist.  

SANDAG is developing a Vision Zero Action Plan to address this complex problem. The data-driven action plan will be modeled on national and international best practices and define a ‘safety-focused network’ for the region to capture where the highest proportion of fatalities and serious injuries are occurring. Additionally, the plan will recommend proven roadway safety strategies including: 

  • Context-sensitive designs to better accommodate a mix of people walking, biking, using transit, and driving; accommodate human mistakes; reduce impact forces; and provide additional reaction time and visibility.  
  • Safer speeds for everyone traveling on our roads. 
  • More responsible travel behavior on our roads and strategies that enable safer operation of vehicles and devices using local roads.

Contact for questions or comments on the SANDAG Vision Zero Action Plan.