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At SANDAG, we believe transit and rail systems are essential to a transportation future in which people and goods can move around the region efficiently and safely while reducing the impact on the environment. SANDAG’s goal is to plan and build a regional transportation system that is fast, fair, and clean.

We’ve made real progress in advancing alternatives to driving alone, which is the major source of traffic congestion along our busiest travel corridors. The major improvements SANDAG has made in commuter rail, Trolley, SPRINTER, local bus, and ferry service have provided better options and improved the quality of life for those traveling for work, school, shopping, medical, and leisure.

A recent example is the Mid-Coast Extension of the UC San Diego Blue Line, a major project SANDAG planned, funded, and built. Another is Rapid, a new level of transit service that features high-frequency, limited-stop service, and upgraded vehicle and station amenities. Rapid shortens travel times through use of transit signal priority technology, dedicated lanes on some routes, and limited stops. Both projects are part of SANDAG’s regional strategy to create a network of quick and efficient transit choices for our communities.

In addition to planning and building transit improvements in the San Diego region, SANDAG sets fares for transit service, creates a five-year implementation plan of transit and specialized transportation concepts, and provides funding to the region’s transit operators. We also implement data initiatives to help inform transit planning, including onboard passenger surveys which we conduct about every five years. These surveys account for changes in transit service and individual travel patterns.