Coordinated Plan

The Coordinated Plan provides a five-year blueprint for how SANDAG will implement transit and social service transportation concepts descripted in the Regional Plan. It provides a unified regional strategy for transportation services to the region’s most sensitive population groups, including older adults, individuals with disabilities, and persons with limited means, among other recognized transportation-disadvantaged population groups.

While there is currently a range of transportation services available to these population groups, gaps in service remain due to geography, limitations in transit service, funding constraints, eligibility, knowledge, and training. However, the availability of funding programs specifically tied to the Coordinated Plan enables us to help put strategies into action to help meet the identified unmet transportation needs of these population groups.

The Coordinated Plan is unique in that it combines the regional requirement for a Short-Range Transit Plan with the federal requirement for a Coordinated Plan into once concise planning document. SANDAG updates the Coordinated Plan every four years.