<h1>Funding</h1> <h1>Funding</h1>


Maintaining, operating, and improving the San Diego region’s transportation system takes money. In addition to investing in transportation to move people and goods, investments are made to advance economic opportunity, social equity, and an elevated quality of life for residents in the San Diego region. We manage and distribute funds from a variety of sources at the federal, state, and local levels. In fact, SANDAG is funded by dozens of revenue sources. These funds come with constraints; they are typically tied to projects with certain modes of transportation, and we cannot interchange them. Restrictions from funding sources may specify how funds must be used on certain modes of transportation and are also distributed through SANDAG to agencies such as Caltrans, transit agencies, and the local cities and county.

Federal sources of revenue include Federal Transit Administration discretionary funds, Federal Highway Administration funds, and funds from other sources. State revenues include Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account funds, State Highway Operations and Protection Program funds, and funds from other sources. Local sources of revenue include TransNet funding, Managed Lanes tolls, farebox revenues, and general local funds from other sources.