Housing Acceleration Program Education & Outreach

Meeting San Diego’s housing demand requires a coordinated effort across the region. In the process, we must ensure that all groups are equally informed and educated on the complexities of housing development so that members of the public and stakeholders can provide input on how the regional housing program—SANDAG’s Housing Acceleration Program (HAP)—is formed and implemented, and how funding is allocated.

While developing the HAP, SANDAG has provided ongoing education and outreach with local jurisdictions, community-based organizations (CBOs), tribal governments, elected officials, and members of the public to inform and learn from our residents how best to develop, fund, and implement this program.

Housing Policy Leadership Academy and Housing Policy Bootcamp

The SANDAG Housing Policy Leadership Academy (HPLA) and Housing Policy Bootcamp provide diverse leaders and community members with an in-depth forum to explore and develop equitable, inclusive policy solutions to increase housing production and affordability in their community and across the region. We invite housing professionals to engage with and develop equitable, inclusionary policy solutions that accelerate affordable housing production in our region. 

The HPLA and Housing Policy Bootcamp will support elected officials, advocates, and interested stakeholders to build local support for pro-housing policies. Participants in HPLA meeting for 10 weeks explore the root causes of the region’s housing crisis and discuss best-practice policy solutions. Participants in the Housing Policy Bootcamp meet for 5 additional weeks to develop outcome-based policy proposals to address unique housing challenges in their communities. Both programs equip participants with the tools and knowledge to address the physical and social factors that sustain a healthy housing ecosystem using the 5Ps framework: Produce, Preserve, Promote, Protect, and Prevent. 

Offered in a dynamic, hybrid learning environment, each session combines lectures and panel discussion with opportunities for individual reflection, small and large group discussions, and other leadership and learning activities that enable participants to craft appropriate and scalable responses to the need for housing.

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REAP 2.0 Engagement Efforts

During spring and summer of 2022, SANDAG met with local jurisdictions to better understand challenges and learn about potential projects that could be funded through REAP 2.0. In October 2022, SANDAG hosted a roundtable discussion with housing professionals, CBOs, and housing developers to discuss REAP 2.0 and other available state funding sources, such as Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) grants. We will continue working collaboratively to secure more funding for affordable housing development.

SANDAG is also working with tribal governments in our region to support tribes in meeting their housing needs as part of the statewide REAP 2.0 program.

REAP 2.0-funding initiatives are planned to be implemented through 2026.

Engagement efforts include focus groups, interviews, and meetings to gather community priorities, concerns, and ideas. We work closely with our CBO Outreach Team and Social Equity Working Group to guide our efforts around housing and equity issues in the region. We especially value feedback from under-resourced and underserved communities, communities of concern, disadvantaged communities, and tribal communities, and we’re always looking for more partnership opportunities with individuals, public agencies, and organizations that work with these groups.

Housing Policy Forums 

Our housing policy forum series provides opportunities to learn about housing policy issues and trends while identifying cross-sector collaboration and innovation. Since starting the forums in 2022, we have brought together hundreds of engaged residents, leaders, advocates, and policymakers from across the state to help champion better housing in the region.  

Throughout 2022 and 2023, SANDAG hosted two virtual housing policy forums and partnered with SCAG for two more virtual housing policy forums. From this collaboration, both SANDAG and SCAG were able to utilize REAP funding to bolster regional partnerships and promote prohousing solutions to address our region’s housing needs. 

SANDAG Housing Policy Forums

On Wednesday, February 14, 2024, at noon (PST), join SANDAG and Global Policy Leadership Academy (GPLA) for a virtual forum. Gain insight into the anticipated impact of housing bills that will be enacted in 2024 and the effects of Governor Newsom’s proposed budget on existing housing programs statewide. The forum will include a preview of the upcoming 2024 legislative session and will review key themes and initiatives across housing legislation in California.


On March 15, 2023, the forum discussed social housing models, spotlighting Vienna, to highlight parallels and key differences in California’s housing landscape to uplift potential for adaptation of innovative housing policies.

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On February 15, 2022, the forum reviewed current state legislation, policy trends, and a 2022 forecast. On the heels of the state legislative deadline, the Housing Policy Forum provided the opportunity to discuss key themes and current trends in state housing policies and potential impacts.

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Joint SANDAG & SCAG Housing Policy Forums

On August 2, 2022, the forum overviewed the state of homeownership in California presented by Adam Briones, CEO of California Community Builders. A panel of housing practitioners shared emerging programs and best practices for diverse homeownership, including the CA Dream for All Program and the African American Homeownership Program.

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On November 15, 2022, the forum discussed latest information on state housing policy initiatives after the legislative session ended in Fall 2022. The session provided an overview of the 2022-2023 state budget and funding trends.

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