<h1>Mobility Hubs</h1> <h1>Mobility Hubs</h1>

Mobility Hubs

Mobility hubs are places where transit and other shared mobility services, amenities, and supporting technology converge to offer a seamless travel experience. The 2021 Regional Plan includes a connected network of “right-sized” Mobility Hubs near major residential, job, and activity centers. The network includes our region’s urban core and 30 Mobility Hubs that were identified based on land use and employment characteristics, travel patterns, and demographics. Each Mobility Hub would make it easy to reach Transit Leap services by offering on-demand Flexible Fleet choices.

Mobility Hubs also integrate with Complete Corridors to ensure walking and biking are safe experiences while prioritizing pooled ride options over driving alone. By 2050, it is anticipated that Mobility Hubs could serve approximately half of the region’s population and more than two-thirds of the region’s employees. Additionally, approximately 60% of low-income households, half of all seniors, and more than half of all minority residents would have easy access to Mobility Hub services and amenities.