<h1>Goods Movement Planning</h1> <h1>Goods Movement Planning</h1>

Goods Movement Planning

One of our responsibilities at SANDAG is to plan safe, clean, and economically friendly ways to move goods throughout the region and beyond. The San Diego region presents a unique challenge with its complex network of ports, highways, railways, border crossings, airports, and pipelines. The goods movement industry system connects this network, provide dependable jobs, and sustain our diverse economy with minimal impact to the environment.

To make this happen, we are developing two projects. The San Diego and Imperial Counties Sustainable Freight Implementation Strategy will examine the most effective policy, technology, and workplace development improvements we can make to our region’s freight system. The Freight Gateway Study will help us understand how freight moves throughout the region, including across the border.

The outcomes of these projects will guide the San Diego region toward a greener, more resilient, and more equitable goods movement network while keeping the industry economically competitive. 

Freight Stakeholders Taskforce

The Freight Stakeholders Taskforce is a forum to provide input on our goods movement plans, projects, and activities. Participants include industry experts, community-based organization advocates, government agencies, cities, union representatives, and more. These meetings are open to anyone interested in helping us plan how goods will move through our region in the future.

For more information or to get invited to these meetings, please reach out to Tim Garrett, SANDAG Regional Planner, at 619.595.5337 or tim.garrett@sandag.org. These meetings are scheduled as needed.