Freight Gateway Study

The 2021 Freight Gateway Study Update gives SANDAG, the Imperial County Transportation Commission, and other regional stakeholders an understanding of freight demand from a comprehensive supply chain perspective through access to timely and thorough freight flow information.

The study update assesses domestic freight flows associated with consumption within the San Diego region, as well as how freight tonnage enters and leaves the region through our gateways, including all land ports of entry, seaports of entry (Tenth Avenue and National City Marine Terminals), and international airports of entry. Freight flow information can be used as an estimation tool to better plan and manage a sustainable freight network, with a particular emphasis on cross-border freight flows.

The study update includes a 2019 baseline and a revised forecast of future growth opportunities in San Diego and Imperial counties through 2035 and 2050. Also included are case studies and discussion of regional planning implications related to three emerging freight trends: urban freight and last-mile delivery, near-zero and zero emissions technologies, and e-commerce in El Centro and Imperial Valley.

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