The SANDAG Vanpool Program is a convenient way for groups of five or more to get to work.

When you start or join a vanpool, you can:

  • Save money on your commute—most participants spend less than $100 per month.
  • Spend less time stuck in traffic with access to HOV Lanes.
  • Help create a more sustainable San Diego region by reducing road congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Receive subsidies to offset vehicle lease costs.
    • Up to $500 for gas vehicles
    • Up to $600 for electric vehicles

By sharing your ride, you also can take advantage of free amenities throughout the region including the I-15 Express Lanes, park and ride lots, and the Guaranteed Ride Home program.

To join the SANDAG Vanpool Program, submit the Vanpool Interest Form and SANDAG will help connect you with available vanpool options that fit your schedule and location.

To learn more, call 619.710.4009 or email

Military and Federal Employees

Military and federal employees can save even more through the Transportation Incentive Program (TIP). The TIP is a federally subsidized benefit that currently pays vanpool program participants up to $300 per month. That’s over $3,000 each year, letting participants commute for little to no out-of-pocket cost.

Active duty Navy and Marine Corps personnel, Department of the Navy (DON) civil servants, Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) civilian employees, and members of Reserve Components serving on active duty for more than 30 days are eligible for the TIP.

Visit the Navy Region Southwest website for more information and to apply online with your Common Access Card (CAC)

Frequently Asked Questions

SANDAG provides a subsidy of up to $500 per month (up to $600 for electric vehicles) for vanpools that meet the following criteria:

  • Have an origin, destination, or that travel at least 20 miles one-way within San Diego County.
  • Submit a Department of Motor Vehicles medical certificate for all primary and alternate drivers of vehicles that carry more than ten passengers, as well as the application to the Supplier of their choice.
  • Maintain a minimum of 80 percent vehicle occupancy. Vehicles that fail to maintain at least 80 percent vehicle occupancy for three consecutive months may either be required to change to a more appropriately sized vehicle, or may be terminated from the Vanpool Program.
  • Respond to SANDAG and Supplier requests for information within the requested timeframe, including:
    • Signed Participant Agreement
    • Monthly Operating Reports
    • Passenger and boarding lists
    • Vanpool operating updates
    • Available seats listing
    • Odometer readings and reports
  • Current driver and alternate driver contact information.
  • Occasional surveys as requested.
  • Follow and agree to all the terms as described in the SANDAG Vanpool Program Participant Agreement and Guidelines.

First, submit the Vanpool Interest Form to be added to the Available Seats list. SANDAG will help connect you with other participants to fill your van. Your van must have at least five passengers (including the driver) to be eligible for the program. You may need additional passengers depending on the size of the vehicle you want to lease.

The primary driver will sign a vanpool lease agreement with one of our vehicle suppliers. Primary and alternate drivers must also complete a DMV driving record check and DMV medical evaluation.

Once the vehicle supplier has approved the application, agree with your fellow riders on fixed arrival and departure times from a centrally located meeting place.

Participants lease vehicles through SANDAG vanpool vendors Commute with Enterprise and Green Commuter. Lease agreements are typically month-to-month, with the primary driver as the leaseholder.

The vanpool vendor pays for maintenance and service about every 6,000 miles. In the unlikely event that the van breaks down, the vanpool vendor offers free 24-hour roadside assistance that will bring a replacement van to you so you can quickly resume your commute.

The vanpool vendors offer $1,000,000 liability insurance included in the monthly lease. Please contact them directly for more details.

Submit the Vanpool Interest Form, and SANDAG will help match you with potential passengers. Check the Available Vanpool Seats list to find existing vans looking for additional passengers.

Vanpool Suppliers

Commute with Enterprise
Green Commuter