Employer Commuter Program

SANDAG offers free assistance to regional employers in providing customized commuter benefits and telework programs. Commuter benefits include incentives, subsidies, and free classes for employees who use sustainable transportation to get to work.

Employer benefits include:

  • Corporate tax benefits
  • Reduced parking demand and environmental impact
  • Satisfied employees
  • Regional recognition through the Diamond Awards

Join the Employer Commuter Program

When you join the Employer Commuter Program, SANDAG works with you at each step of the process to create the right program for your employees.

  • Assessment: Survey employees to assess commuter needs.
  • Development and Implementation: Build and market a customized commuter benefits program.
  • Recognition: Earn Diamond Award points through promoting sustainable commute choices.

To learn more or join the Employer Commuter Program, email SustainableTransportation@sandag.org.