San Ysidro Mobility Hub

The San Diego region is known for its binational identity and cross border movement. To make travel in the border region easier and more sustainable, we are developing a new Mobility Hub in San Ysidro. Mobility Hubs provide people with seamless connections through multiple travel options – walking, biking, transit, and shared mobility – using world-class transportation, amenities, technology, and design.

SANDAG and our partner agencies are creating the San Ysidro Mobility Hub in two phases. This approach will implement much needed improvements to the existing San Ysidro Transit Center while building toward a comprehensive long-term vision that reflects the historical and cultural significance of the binational region. 

Phase I focuses on enhancing the existing San Ysidro Transit Center with near-term measures that can be implemented within 5-10 years. These measures will focus on improving pedestrian connectivity and safety, operational capacity, and space optimization. 

Phase II builds on Phase I and creates a long-term vision for the San Ysidro area. The future Mobility Hub will integrate transportation services outlined in the 2021 Regional Plan, design ways to accommodate new mobility services, and explore land use opportunities to investment in infrastructure.

On July 9, 2021, the SANDAG Board of Directors accepted funds from the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) to initiate the project. SANDAG, in coordination with MTS, the City of San Diego, and Caltrans, are currently carrying out Phase I planning and outreach activities that are anticipated to conclude in spring 2023. 

Planning and outreach activities for Phase II are anticipated to begin in 2023 and be funded through a mix of local, state, and federal sources.


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