San Ysidro Mobility Hub

The San Ysidro Transit Center serves one of the busiest international border crossings in the world. Nearly 20,000 people heading to work, school, or to visit family cross on foot every day. In 2023, nearly 14,000 people per day boarded transit at the San Ysidro Transit Center.

With more and more people using it every year, the community has outgrown the San Ysidro Transit Center. That’s why we’re working to transform it into the future San Ysidro Mobility Hub. These upgrades will make it more comfortable, efficient, and safer for all users. Improvements will happen over the next 5 to 10 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

With feedback from the public, we are:

  • Redesigning the station layout to provide safer crossings over the Trolley tracks
  • Widening sidewalks and curbs so there is more space for people to walk comfortably
  • Providing better access for disabled people

To free up space for these improvements, we’re considering options to change where people get on the Trolley. Thank you to everyone who took our survey about this topic. We will post a summary of your feedback and our study’s findings this summer.


  • A third Trolley track so the Blue Line Trolley can come more often
  • More bus stops and bus routes
  • A bus-only lane on East San Ysidro Blvd to help buses avoid traffic
  • More curb space for people to access things like rideshares and neighborhood shuttles
  • A complete bikeway from the border to Downtown San Diego


  • A bigger station with even more transit options such as an intercity train connection (e.g., COASTER and Amtrak), a connection to the future Purple Line railway, and a potential crossborder Trolley
  • Helpful technology to make it easier for people to connect to transportation
  • Updated buildings, signs, and amenities (such as shade structures, seating, and bathrooms) to create a supportive and comfortable experience for travelers
  • More community-friendly development around the station such as restaurants, shops, public space for community programs, and more