<h1>Guaranteed Ride Home Reimbursement Form</h1> <h1>Guaranteed Ride Home Reimbursement Form</h1>

Guaranteed Ride Home Reimbursement Form

Participants enrolled in the Guaranteed Ride Home program will be reimbursed up to $100 per ride, three times per year for an emergency ride home by taxi, rideshare service (Lyft Standard or UberX), rental car, car share, or transit.

To be reimbursed:

  1. Confirm your emergency ride home qualifies according to the Participant Agreement. The Guaranteed Ride Home program cannot be used for transit service disruptions and/or delays, a ride to work, personal errands, scheduled appointments, business-related travel, non-emergency side trips, or weather-related events.
  2. Submit the reimbursement form within 30 calendar days of using the service.
  3. Email an image or digital copy of your receipt to SustainableTransportation@sandag.org after submitting the reimbursement form.
  4. Receive your reimbursement check in the mail within 45 days of when we receive your request.

You must work in San Diego County to participate in the Guaranteed Ride Home program. Certain expenses are not covered by SANDAG so please view the full Participant Agreement for limitations. For assistance, email SustainableTransportation@sandag.org.

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