News Release

11.02.2021 | News Release

At its Friday meeting, the SANDAG Board of Directors discussed several updates that will be reflected in the proposed final 2021 Regional Plan. Updates to the Plan follow an extensive public outreach process and reflect input received through public comments and further analysis.

“The 2021 Regional Plan is an unprecedented investment in the San Diego region’s future,” said SANDAG Chair and Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespear. “We have listened to the community and are proposing a modernized transportation system through the 2021 Regional Plan that works for everyone, with affordable options that get us to the people and places we want to go in a safer and cleaner way.”

Updates that will be reflected in the proposed final 2021 Regional Plan:

Safety: The region’s commitment to safety and Vision Zero will be highlighted, with clarity on investments that make it safer to walk or bike. This includes implementation of the regional bike network, addition of Chollas Creek and North Coast Bike Trail projects, complete street investments in mobility hub areas, Vision Zero programs, intelligent transportation systems that reduce traffic collisions, and a commitment to prepare an updated Active Transportation Plan and Regional Safety Policy.

Habitat: The region’s dedication to habitat and open space preservation will be emphasized by proposed investments to fully fund the region’s habitat conservation plans.

Transit: The transit program will be updated to include public bathrooms at new stations and several near-term actions, including the Blue Line Trolley Express Feasibility and Conceptual Engineering Study, the Transit Station Bathroom Access Plan, and a commitment to study free public transit for all by 2030.

Funding: The funding strategy was refined to adjust timing of the road usage charge to align more closely with state planning efforts, ensure adequate time to study and pilot potential strategies, and include a diversity of funding sources that allows for flexibility in the future. 

In all, SANDAG received more than 1,500 comments on the draft 2021 Regional Plan. Public comments came from an online submission form, email, fax, phone, six virtual public open house events, two virtual public hearings, and a series of meetings with community-based organizations.

The final 2021 Regional Plan and Environmental Impact Report (EIR) are anticipated to be released on Tuesday, November 30. Following the release, the SANDAG Board is scheduled to vote on Plan adoption and EIR certification at the Board of Directors meeting on Friday, December 10.

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