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10.01.2021 | News Release

 Employers all over the San Diego region are encouraging people to reduce traffic and greenhouse gas emissions by choosing an alternative to driving to work alone. In September, SANDAG honored 144 employers in the San Diego region with Diamond Awards for their outstanding efforts in encouraging employees to choose environmentally sustainable transportation. 

“Choosing an alternative to driving alone just once a week can make a big difference in reducing traffic and lowering greenhouse gas emissions,” said SANDAG Chair and Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespear. ”I encourage everyone to join the many commuters who will take transit, carpool, or vanpool next week and all year long to create a more sustainable future for the San Diego region, a key goal of the draft 2021 Regional Plan.” 

The draft 2021 Regional Plan seeks to address traffic congestion, improve equity, and meet state mandates for greenhouse gas emission and vehicle miles traveled reductions. The plan includes projects, programs, and policies that will provide more choices for people to travel around the region and make connections.

The local Diamond Award recipients were recognized at a virtual ceremony for their dedication to encouraging employees to carpool, vanpool, bike, walk, transit, telework, and compressed workweek schedules. Some organizations also provided incentives, subsidies, or pre-tax deductions to support their employees’ participation in eligible programs. 

During this challenging pandemic year, many local employers turned to iCommute to help implement telework programs. The SANDAG iCommute team held a series of webinars to support employers and developed a new Telework Assistance Pilot Program.

Next week, October 4-8, employers can earn a Diamond Award point by signing up for Rideshare Week or pledging to participate in Clean Air Day on October 6. Both campaigns provide resources for employers to encourage their employees to carpool, vanpool, take transit to work, or leave their car at home. When employers register, they will receive: 

An eToolkit with promotional information to share with employees 

Recognition on iCommute social media

A listing on the iCommute website 

Commuters are invited to participate in a Rideshare Week Facebook Contest. Commuters who add a comment or photo of their Rideshare commute on the designated SANDAGregion Facebook on October 4, are automatically entered to win a “Green Weekend.” The package includes a Tesla rental courtesy of Green Commuter, an overnight stay at an eco-hotel in downtown San Diego and a gift certificate to a vegan restaurant.

Rideshare Week is presented in partnership with Commute with Enterprise.

About iCommute 

Powered by SANDAG and in cooperation with the 511 transportation information service, iCommute is the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program for the San Diego region. iCommute encourages use of transportation alternatives to help reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. iCommute aids local businesses, helping them develop and implement customized employee commuter benefit programs that lower costs, increase productivity, and help the environment. iCommute also assists commuters by providing information about carpool services, a subsidized vanpool program, transit solutions, regional support for biking, the Guaranteed Ride Home program, information about teleworking, and bike and pedestrian safety program support for schools.

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