News Release

10.22.2021 | News Release

 At its Friday meeting, the SANDAG Board of Directors approved the Social Equity Early Action Transit Pilot, which will provide free transit for all youth 18 years and younger starting in spring 2022. The pilot will also increase transit services in historically underserved areas, provide transit services education and outreach, and fund a research study to evaluate the benefits of the pilot project.

The Board also discussed the Regional Digital Equity Strategy to ensure the region is working toward bridging the digital divide and ensuring everyone in the San Diego region has affordable broadband access. Broadband is critical to improving economic prosperity and sustainability and achieving the goals outlined in the draft 2021 Regional Plan.

“The approval of this free transit for youth pilot is a huge win for our region,” said SANDAG Chair and Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespear. “Making transit more accessible and frequent and planning for broadband expansion are shining examples of how the SANDAG Board can make changes, today and in the future, to advance equity through the 2021 Regional Plan.”

The SANDAG Board also approved the creation of a new Regional Equitable Housing Subcommittee that will be led by San Diego County Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer. The SANDAG subcommittee will discuss housing solutions that are local, regionally integrated, equitable, sustainable, and incentive and investment based.

Demonstrating a commitment to digital equity, SANDAG recently partnered with the San Diego Futures Foundation to donate more than 100 used computers through their refurbished computers program. The foundation’s program offers refurbished computers to people with limited incomes, seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, foster families, and nonprofit organizations.

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