News Release

06.09.2023 | News Release

SANDAG, Caltrans Nominated For $140M in State Funding for Otay Mesa East Port of Entry

On Thursday, California Transportation Commission (CTC) staff made the largest award recommendation of $140 million to SANDAG and Caltrans through Senate Bill 1 Trade Corridor Enhancement Program. The CTC is expected to approve the award for the advancement of the federal State Route 11/Otay Mesa East Port of Entry project (OME POE) later this month. 
The OME POE project will open a new access point in the Cali-Baja region for personal and commercial vehicles. Using state-of-art technologies, the OME POE will implement demand pricing to manage traffic and decrease congestion, lower wait times, and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
“This is a huge investment in the San Diego region and will help to connect our communities and move freight throughout our binational region, promoting economic prosperity and a cleaner environment,” said SANDAG and San Diego County Supervisor Chairwoman Nora Vargas. “Last year, the federal government—thanks to U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg—invested $150 million, and now the state’s additional $140 million will help us move even closer to making the future Otay Mesa East Port of Entry a reality.”
This $140 million in state funding will support the construction, chargers, and solar panels for on-site power generation for the commercial portion of the new port of entry.
“These are exciting times for transportation. We are seeing investments in our infrastructure like never before,” said Gustavo Dallarda, director of Caltrans District 11. “We are excited to see this funding for a unique, binational build that will benefit communities on both sides of the border, boost freight that travels across our country, and provide jobs for hardworking men and women.”
Extreme congestion and delays at the border result in economic losses for the region, state, and nation. Once the OME POE is built, it is anticipated to increase the economic value of the region’s crossborder freight by 30% while contributing approximately $11 billion to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product and nearly producing 90,000 additional jobs. 
SANDAG and Caltrans broke ground on the project in August 2022 and are collaborating with federal partners on the design process. Meanwhile, construction on the future federal and state facility is underway to prepare the site for utilities.   
For more information, visit the State Route 11 (SR 11)/Otay Mesa East Port of Entry (POE) project page.