10.12.2022 | News Release

California Senate President pro Tempore Toni G. Atkins joined SANDAG Chair and Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespear, U.S. Congressman Mike Levin, and other state, federal and local officials in Del Mar this morning to celebrate the $300 million dollar state investment for the realignment of the LOSSAN rail corridor.

Thanks to the tireless work of Pro Tem Atkins, the San Diego region is paving the way to realigning the LOSSAN corridor,” said SANDAG Chair and Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespear. “Ongoing erosion along the rail line continues to show us that we cannot afford to wait any longer. With this investment from the state, SANDAG is immediately moving forward to make this rail corridor safer, faster, and more reliable as a key transit, freight, and defense route for the San Diego region, state, and nation.”

Over the last few weeks, the effects of erosion and climate change have forced a stop in passenger rail service in Orange County, leading to the declaration of a state emergency.

The LOSSAN rail corridor is crucial to the San Diego region, California, and the nation,” said Pro Tem Atkins. “From the passenger trains that transport roughly eight million people per year, to the freight trains that carry an estimated $1 billion in goods each year, it plays a vital role in our state, especially considering that it also supports our national defense by providing rail access to the Pacific Fleet. The LOSSAN corridor is truly a lifeline, and this project is the first step in improving its stability.”

The LOSSAN rail corridor is responsible for billions in economic activity every year and millions of Southern Californians rely on this route, but coastal erosion from rising sea levels and stronger storm surge is threatening all of that,” said Rep. Levin. “This is why I have fought to deliver federal funding to stabilize coastal bluffs. We’ve secured millions in federal funds for this priority in recent years, but we must do more, and I will not stop fighting for every last cent of federal funding we need to address the challenges facing the LOSSAN rail corridor. I look forward to continuing to work with SANDAG and other local stakeholders to advance this project and move the tracks off the bluffs in Del Mar once and for all.”

The city of Del Mar is grateful for SANDAG’s support with their immediate response to stabilize the bluffs since day one and for getting a big step closer to a final solution with the realignment project” said Del Mar Councilmember Terry Gaasterland. “SANDAG’S proactive work has helped address the critical infrastructure needs of our city.

For nearly two decades, SANDAG has worked to stabilize the bluffs as a temporary solution. The state’s $300 million investment will allow SANDAG to complete the environmental process and advance engineering work for a long-term solution while the agency continues to seek funding for construction of the realignment and other critical improvement projects along the entire corridor.

Investments in critical rail corridors like LOSSAN are emblematic of California’s commitment to long-term transportation investments that service both our people and our state’s supply chain ecosystem,” said GO-Biz Deputy Director of Sustainable Freight and Supply Chain Development Trelynd Bradley. “This project will serve to protect vulnerable coastal segments of LOSSAN from climate change and rising sea levels while increasing reliability of service in one of the most trafficked corridors in our nation.”

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