Criminal Justice Research & Clearinghouse

The SANDAG Regional Criminal Justice Research & Clearinghouse Division assesses the effectiveness and efficiency of crime control programs to inform local criminal justice planning and policymaking. By seeking and securing research funds from state and federal sources, SANDAG analyzes crime patterns, crime-reduction strategies, and responses to the region’s crime.  

As a key resource for local communities, SANDAG provides the following services through the criminal justice clearinghouse: 

  • Publishing crime and arrest reports 
  • Sharing resources and information 
  • Conducting quality assurance studies of crime-related data 
  • Analyzing offender drug use 
  • Assessing the impact of crime reduction strategies 
  • Providing long-term evaluations of criminal justice related policies and programs 
  • Assisting agencies in grant writing to seek state and federal funding 

The criminal justice clearinghouse databases are continually updated to maintain information on various justice issues. This includes monthly compiling, analyzing, and quality controlling on data from more than 20 public safety agencies.

Criminal Justice Bulletins: 2024

Criminal Justice (CJ) Bulletins provide annual information on arrests, crime, arrestee drug use, and public safety spending.

Criminal Justice Flash Findings: 2024

Flash Findings provide brief reports on current projects and topics of interest to criminal justice agencies, school administrators, public officials, city and county administrators, social service and health agencies, and the public.

Archived Bulletins and Flash Findings