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Maps and GIS

Web Mapping Services

GIS Data and Imagery Services

SANDAG uses Esri's ArcGIS Server software to publish GIS data and imagery services. These services are organized into thematic categories, including administrative and district boundaries, land use, basemaps, imagery, and others. To view currently available services, use the SANDAG ArcGIS Server REST services URL, which provides the location and supporting information for each available service.

SANDAG GIS services also can be used directly in ArcGIS Desktop software by connecting through ArcCatalog. Refer to the help document for detailed instructions. Please review the SANDAG GIS Data Disclaimer prior to using SANDAG GIS data and web services.

SANDAG Map Gallery

The SANDAG map gallery provides users with an easy to use catalog to explore many of our web maps, GIS data and imagery services, and custom applications. SANDAG uses ArcGIS Online for Organizations as one of several tools that support the SANDAG GIS services platform.