E-Bike Incentive Pilot

SANDAG is partnering with Pedal Ahead to incentivize the use of electric bikes (e-bikes) to make it easier for people to travel throughout their communities. SANDAG and Pedal Ahead are recruiting up to 125 new pilot program participants beginning in late 2022 who are interested in using an e-bike to connect to regional transit options and/or reduce their dependence on driving to make neighborhood trips. 

Pedal Ahead is an e-bike loan-to-own program that enables SANDAG pilot program participants to work toward owning an e-bike by riding a minimum of 100 miles per month over two years, recording their trips, and sharing regular feedback about their experiences. 

SANDAG was thrilled to receive more than 1,500 applications within days of launching the e-bike pilot. As a result, the application period is now closed and we are no longer accepting new applications. We look forward to exploring opportunities to expand the pilot program in the future.