<h1>Bike Local Day Business Promotion Submission</h1> <h1>Bike Local Day Business Promotion Submission</h1>

Bike Local Day Business Promotion Submission

To celebrate National Bike Month in May, SANDAG is hosting bike activities across the San Diego region, including Bike Anywhere Day (formerly known as Bike to Work Day) on Thursday, May 16.

This year, SANDAG is introducing Bike Local Day on Saturday, May 18. This event is designed to encourage families and individuals to bike within their communities and enjoy promotions from participating local businesses.

Businesses have the opportunity to offer specials and discounts to patrons who arrive on two wheels on Bike Local Day, and SANDAG will provide promotional support by listing the participating businesses and their promotions on our website. This is your opportunity to attract new patrons and be a part of the Bike Local, Buy Local movement. 

Questions about SANDAG Bike Local Day? Interested in getting involved but need ideas for promotions? We’d love to hear from you at biking@sandag.org.

Submit your Bike Local Day promotion.
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What is your business? What discount/promotion will you offer? How will patrons redeem your offer? How will you track how many patrons redeem your offer?