Regional Resilience Framework

We believe in a regional approach to climate adaptation planning because the hazards that threaten the San Diego region go beyond jurisdictional boundaries. The Regional Resilience Framework aims to simplify, unify, and streamline the adaptation planning process for the San Diego region.

Climate adaptation involves taking actions that manage risks and reduce the impacts of climate change, which over time contribute to a more resilient community. In the San Diego region, adaptation planning focuses on how to best adapt to the anticipated rise in sea levels, increases in pluvial flooding, landslides, increases in temperature, and the elevated risk of wildfires. SANDAG’s regional perspective and climate expertise position it well to advocate, facilitate, and support local agencies to become more resilient to the changing climate.

The Regional Resilience Framework will provide step-by-step guidance to adaptation planning, resilience tools for practitioners, and relevant resources for local jurisdictions. The project builds on the California Adaptation Planning Guide and previous SANDAG adaptation work through the Holistic Implementation of Adaptation and Transportation Resilience Strategies (HIATRS) project.