<h1>Climate Resilience & Adaptation</h1> <h1>Climate Resilience & Adaptation</h1>

Climate Resilience & Adaptation

Climate change affects our lives, from recreation to transportation choices to public health. In the San Diego region, we enjoy one of the most temperate climates in the world—but that doesn’t mean we’re immune from its effects. The reality is many climate challenges are already occurring in our region: hotter and more frequent heat waves, prolonged droughts, more destructive wildfires, degraded air quality, more extreme precipitation and flooding, rising sea levels and destructive storm surges.

To address these climate challenges, our region must adjust how we respond to the impacts of climate change today and become more resilient as we face future impacts. That’s why SANDAG is working hard with local governments to help our communities, local and regional economies, and natural resources and recreational spaces endure, recover, and thrive in response to impacts of ongoing climate change. SANDAG is committed to helping the region continue to meet its climate goals so that every resident can enjoy a safe and sustainable future.