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08-12-2022 | News Release

State Route 125 Alternate Traffic Route will be in Place for FasTrak Users Through August

An alternate traffic route on the southbound SR 125 Toll Road will be in effect for FasTrak users through August as dedicated FasTrak only bypass lanes will be temporarily closed adjacent to the toll plaza south of Birch Road. All southbound traffic will be routed through the toll booth lanes to accommodate the installation and testing of new overhead tolling equipment in the FasTrak only lanes.

The alternate traffic route will begin at 8 a.m. on Monday, August 15 and extend throughout the month of August.

All toll booth lanes will be available for FasTrak customers during this time, with one lane dedicated exclusively for FasTrak through traffic and two lanes available for cash/credit toll road customers.

The installation of the new tolling equipment is part of a broader effort to make technology enhancements along the SR 125 Toll Road and I-15 Express Lanes. The alternate traffic route is the result of several lane closures required throughout the length of the project to safely install new equipment. Upgrades to the tolling equipment on SR 125 began in late 2021 and are anticipated to be completed by the end of 2022. Installation of new roadway equipment on the I-15 Express Lanes was previously completed in 2021.

Alternative route signage will be in place to guide FasTrak customers through toll booth lanes. If work progresses ahead of schedule, the FasTrak only lanes will reopen early.

*Construction schedules are subject to change.

For media inquiries, please contact Jessica Gonzales at 619.699.1950 or