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Public Transit

SANDAG provides funding administration and planning for public transit in the San Diego region. It shares public transit planning and decision-making responsibilities with Caltrans, Metropolitan Transit System, North County Transit District, and other transit operators.

Current Public Transit Projects

Comprehensive Fare Ordinance

Sets fares for transit services in the San Diego region.

Transportation Development Act Administration

Provides funding for the region's public transit operators and nonmotorized transportation projects.

Mid-Coast Trolley

This 11-mile project will extend Blue Line Trolley service from Downtown San Diego to UC San Diego and the University community.

Del Mar Bluffs Stabilization Project

Work continues to stabilize the bluffs along the railroad tracks within the North County Transit District railroad right-of-way in the City of Del Mar.

Coordinated Public Transit - Human Services Transportation Plan

Provides a five-year implementation plan of public transit and specialized transportation concepts described in San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan.

Downtown Bus Stopover and Multiuse Facility

Proposes to provide an off-street location for Downtown San Diego transit vehicles to park in the short turnaround time they have between runs.

Onboard Transit Passenger Survey

SANDAG, MTS, and NCTD, periodically conduct a survey onboard all bus, train, and Trolley routes to inform transit planning.

Los Angeles-San Diego-San Luis Obispo Rail Corridor

Information on the coastal rail corridor from San Diego to Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo.

Past Public Transit Projects

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Manages performance of local and regional transportation systems.