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SANDAG supports local law enforcement and human services agencies by evaluating juvenile crime prevention programs.

Current Juveniles Projects

Reducing Racial and Ethnic Discrepencies

The purpose of this study is to inform future juvenile justice system management decisions to continue to eliminate disparities.

Chula Vista Promise Neighborhoods

Aims to address significant challenges faced by students and families living in high-poverty communities.


Helps build skills to prevent pregnancy, HIV, and STDs.

San Diego Promise Neighborhoods

San Diego Promise Neighborhood is the second Promise Neighborhood site in San Diego County.

Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act

Identifies programs qualified for JJCPA funds.

Past Juveniles Projects

Probation Evaluation, Assessment, and Cost-Effectiveness Study

Assessed service delivery and the cost-benefit of local institutional placement at the Juvenile Ranch Facility and Camp Barrett.

Working to Insure and Nurture Girls Success Program Evaluation

Evaluated WINGS program which worked to reduce number of females entering or continuing in the juvenile justice system.

YMCA – Parenting, Mentoring, Substance Abuse and Youth Violence Prevention

Evaluated the YMCA's PMSA-YVP program.

Parenting Time Opportunities for Children

Completed a process and impact evaluation to provide valid and reliable information on program implementation and track outcomes.

Fostering Youth Independence Mentoring Program

SANDAG provided grant support for a San Diego Youth Services program designed to engage youth in foster care with qualified mentors.


Helping to address the issue of gangs in the Mid-City and Southeast areas of San Diego.

Vista CalGRIP

Utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach of prevention, intervention, and suppression to reduce the likelihood of youth gang activity.

Alternatives to Detention

Provides enhanced community-based and family-supported detention alternatives for low risk youth.

Mentally Ill Offender Crime Reduction Project

Enhances the service array for youth who are either involved in the juvenile justice system or at-risk of involvement.

Pathways of High-Risk Youth

A two-year study that examined factors contributing to youth most entrenched in the juvenile justice system.

Teen Prostitution in the San Diego Region

Conducted a community assessment documenting the scope of the problem of prostituted youth in the San Diego region.

Family Services Enhancement

Evaluated the Phoenix House of San Diego's Family Services Enhancement Program, which provided enhanced services to the families of youth receiving drug treatment.

Lindamood-Bell Literacy Program

Lindamood-Bell pioneered programs to develop the sensory-cognitive processes that underlie reading, spelling, math, visual-motor skills, language comprehension, and critical thinking.

Title V Addressing Disproportionate Minority Contact: Truancy Interventions

Identified factors that contributed to truancy and school discipline problems at three target schools in the San Diego Unified School District.

Truancy Diversion Program

The purpose of the Truancy Diversion Program is to target youth at risk of truancy and intervene to reduce the factors contributing to their absence from school.

San Diego Workforce Partnership Youth Offender Evaluation

An evaluation of San Diego Workforce Partnership’s youthful offender reentry program.

Title V

Evaluated a program that served youth who had significant need for mental health services and lived in areas of the county with a high prevalance of delinquency.

San Diego Teen Court

SANDAG conducted an evaluation of Teen Court between July 2004 and September 2006.

Reflections Day Treatment Center Program Evaluation

An evaluation of the Reflections Day Treatment Center Program which targets youth and families that include at least one child who is at risk of being removed from the home.

Phoenix House ACCESS

This program provided an evaluation of a young offender reentry program targeting juvenile males returning from Juvenile Ranch Facility to various areas of the county.

Disproportionate Minority Contact

SANDAG conducted an evaluation of San Diego County's juvenile justice system to identify groups who come into contact with the juvenile justice system. Outcomes from this evaluation have informed the County's DMC reduction plan.

Repeat Offender Prevention Program (ROPP) Evaluation

The Repeat Offender Prevention Program was a four-year pilot project to implement a cost-effective multi-agency, multi-disciplinary program to target youth with risk factors that may lead to delinquency.