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With more than 1,340 miles of bikeways in the San Diego region, everything is just two wheels away.

Current GO by BIKE Projects

Uptown Bikeways

Providing on-street bike connections from Old Town and Mission Valley through Uptown to Downtown, North Park, and Balboa Park.

Bike Month

May is Bike Month. Find out how you can GO by BIKE all month long.

San Diego River Trail

SANDAG is leading the effort to complete this trail from the ocean east through Santee. Current projects include the QUALCOMM Stadium Segment and the Carlton Oaks Golf Course Segment.

SR 15 Bikeway

Two bikeways will be constructed along SR 15 between Camino Del Rio South and Landis Street: the SR 15 Commuter Bikeway and the SR 15 | Central Avenue Bikeway.

Border to Bayshore Bikeway

An 8.5-mile bikeway that will connect Imperial Beach with the San Ysidro Port of Entry.

Pershing Bikeway

A 2.6 mile bikeway that will provide north-south connectivity between North Park and Downtown.

Bayshore Bikeway

A 24-mile bikeway connecting the five cities around San Diego Bay.

Riding to 2050, the San Diego Regional Bike Plan

Establishes a network of regional bikeway corridors and proposes programs to support bicycling as a practical means of transportation.

Inland Rail Trail

A 21-mile Class I bike path located within the Cities of Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, and Escondido, and the County of San Diego.

North Park | Mid-City Bikeways

Consists of six segments and 13 miles of bike boulevards and protected bikeways between the cities of San Diego and La Mesa.

Regional Bike Plan Early Action Program

A $200 million initiative to expand the bike network countywide and finish high-priority projects within a decade.

Coastal Rail Trail

A planned continuous bike route that runs approximately 44 miles from Oceanside to Downtown San Diego.

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  • Fact Sheet - Bayshore Bikeway [PDF: 519KB]
  • Fact Sheet - Border to Bayshore Bikeway [PDF: 2MB]
  • Fact Sheet - Central Avenue Bikeway [PDF: 11MB]
  • Fact Sheet - Coastal Rail Trail: Oceanside Segment [PDF: 535KB]
  • Fact Sheet - Coastal Rail Trail: Rose Creek Bikeway [PDF: 404KB]
  • Fact Sheet - Eastern Hillcrest Bikeways [PDF: 874KB]
  • Fact Sheet - Encinitas Coastal Rail Trail [PDF: 367KB]
  • Fact Sheet - Georgia – Meade Bikeway [PDF: 1MB]
  • Fact Sheet - Imperial Avenue Bikeway [PDF: 538KB]
  • Fact Sheet - Inland Rail Trail: San Marcos to Vista [PDF: 1MB]
  • Fact Sheet - Landis Bikeway [PDF: 3MB]
  • Fact Sheet - North Park | Mid-City Bikeways [PDF: 426KB]
  • Fact Sheet - Orange Bikeway [PDF: 4MB]
  • Fact Sheet - Pershing Bikeway [PDF: 1MB]
  • Fact Sheet - Regional Bike Plan Early Action Program [PDF: 514KB]
  • Fact Sheet - Robinson Bikeway [PDF: 1MB]
  • Fact Sheet - SR 15 Commuter Bikeway [PDF: 548KB]
  • Fact Sheet - Uptown Bikeways [PDF: 452KB]
  • Hoja Informativa - Bayshore Bikeway [PDF: 1MB]
  • Hoja Informativa - Border to Bayshore Bikeway [PDF: 4MB]
  • Hoja Informativa - Central Avenue Bikeway [PDF: 12MB]
  • Hoja Informativa - Georgia – Meade Bikeway [PDF: 1MB]
  • Hoja Informativa - Inland Rail Trail De San Marcos A Vista [PDF: 1MB]
  • Hoja Informativa - Landis Bikeway [PDF: 585KB]
  • Hoja Informativa - North Park | Mid-City Bikeways [PDF: 9MB]
  • Hoja Informativa - Orange Bikeway [PDF: 2MB]
  • Hoja Informativa - Park Boulevard Bikeway [PDF: 847KB]
  • Hoja Informativa - Pershing Bikeway [PDF: 1MB]
  • Hoja Informativa - Robinson Bikeway [PDF: 1MB]
  • Hoja Informativa - Uptown Bikeways [PDF: 456KB]
  • Riding to 2050: The San Diego Regional Bike Plan [PDF: 4MB]
  • Tờ thông tin – Ðýờng Xe ðạp trên Central Avenue (Vietnamese/Tiếng Việt) [PDF: 10MB]