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PIO Resources

The SANDAG Public Information Office is a valuable resource for those seeking information about SANDAG and the San Diego region.

Nearly all of the products and regional information SANDAG develops can be found on our website. Requests for publications or materials can be made to or (619) 699-1950.

Social Media

Connect with us on Facebook at SANDAGregion, Twitter at SANDAG, Instagram atsandagregion, LinkedIn at SANDAG, and YouTube at SANDAGregion.

SANDAG Speakers Bureau

Get the inside scoop on critical issues affecting the region.

SANDAG in the News

Find out the latest agency headlines.

Fact Sheets, Info Bulletins, & InfoBits

Our fact sheets and infos describe the agency's multi-faceted projects and services.

Demographics and Other Data

View regional demographic data from our Profile and Data Warehouses.

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