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GIS Downloads

SANDAG and SanGIS have joined forces to provide a single authoritative regional GIS data source.

Regional GIS Data Warehouse

The Regional GIS Data Warehouse provides data for everything from addresses to zoning, including: roads, property, parks, lakes, topography, census, and dozens of other layers - over 270 layers in 29 different categories.

The public facing data are free to download after accepting the data disclaimer which is presented to each user upon entering the Regional GIS Data Warehouse. The data are stored as compressed "Shape" files (SHP). Metadata (information about the data) are provided in PDF format.

A complete list of available layers can be downloaded as an Excel or PDF file.

SANDAG/SanGIS Open Data Portal

SANDAG and SanGIS are publishing a number of the most popular data layers from the Regional GIS Data Warehouse as GIS web services. Visit the SANDAG/SanGIS Open Data Portal to access these services, along with links to other San Diego GIS community resources.

Questions about SANDAG GIS Downloads? Send an email to