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Shoreline Management

2012 Regional Beach Sand Project

Building upon the success of the 2001 Regional Beach Sand Project (RBSP), SANDAG placed 1.5 million cubic yards of beach quality sand on regional beaches in the fall of 2012. This project was made possible through funding from the California Department of Boating and Waterways and the region’s coastal cities.  

The dredging timeline for this project was as follows:

Imperial Beach: September 7 to October 4
Oceanside: October 5 to 20
Moonlight Beach: October 20 to 25
Cardiff Beach: October 25 to 28
Batiquitos Beach: October 28 to November 4
South Carlsbad Beach: November 15 to 23
Fletcher Cove: November 4 to 7; November 23 to 27
North Carlsbad Beach: November 27 to December 7

In early 2011, the Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Assessment (EIR) was released for public review and a series of public meetings were held to discuss the project. The final EIR and its appendices were certified on May 27, 2011.

SANDAG staff worked to secure project permits and complete the final engineering. An invitation for bids was released on November 23, 2011, and the bid opening occurred on January 23, 2012. SANDAG awarded the contract to Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company, the lowest responsive, responsible bidder. The Notice to Proceed was issued in April 2012.

The Regional Beach Sand Project II Plans provide more information on the project and replenishment sites.

Completed Beaches

Imperial Beach - September 7 to October 4

Timelapse Video | Before & AfterPhoto Album

After four weeks of round-the-clock construction, sand replenishment in Imperial Beach is complete. The result: 450,000 cubic yards of new sand on more than 4,100 feet of beach. Placement began near the Cortez Avenue beach access point on September 7 and moved south toward the end of the rock wall before turning north to finish near Elder Avenue on October 4. After photo courtesy of Eddie Kisfaludy/WILDCOAST.

Oceanside - October 5 to 20

Timelapse Video | Before & AfterPhoto Album

Sand placement in Oceanside is complete. Approximately 292,000 cubic yards of new sand now resides on more than 4,300 feet of beach between Buccaneer Beach and just north of Hayes Street. Replenishment began on October 5 near the Oceanside Blvd. access point and wrapped up on October 20.

Encinitas - October 20 to November 4

Moonlight Before & After | Cardiff Before & After | Batiquitos Before & After | Photo Album

Moonlight Beach: Sand replenishment is complete. Between October 20 - 25, approximately 92,000 cubic yards of sand was placed on 800 feet of beach just north of the D St. access point at Moonlight Beach.

Cardiff Beach: Sand replenishment between the Chart House restaurant and just south of Las Olas restaurant is complete. Approximately 89,000 cubic yards was placed on about 1,600 feet of beach between October 25 - 28.

Batiquitos Beach: Sand replenishment is complete. Between October 28 - November 4, approximately 106,000 cubic yards of new sand was placed on 1,400 feet of beach between the Batiquitos Lagoon mouth and the bluff-backed area of the beach.

Solana Beach - November 4 to 7; November 23 to 27

Before & After | Photo Album

Sand replenishment at Fletcher Cove is complete. Approximately 140,000 cubic yards was placed on 1,600 feet of beach.

Carlsbad – November 15 to 23; November 27 to December 7

South Before & After | North Before & After | Photo Album

South Carlsbad: Sand replenishment in South Carlsbad is complete. Placement began November 15 and ended November 23. Approximately 140,000 cubic yards of new sand was spread on 1,600 feet of beach just south of Palomar Airport Road to the southern end of Oceanview Drive.

North Carlsbad: Sand replenishment in North Carlsbad is complete. Approximately 218,000 cubic yards of new sand was spread on 3,100 feet of beach between November 27 and December 7. The project began near the Grand Avenue beach access point and moved south toward Carlsbad Village Drive. Placement then turned north and ended near the Buena Vista Lagoon mouth.

Monitoring and Data

Beach profile data, collected along the coastline of San Diego County during the period of 2011 through 2012 is available via a ZIP file. The files can be opened using any text editor. Each of the ASCII formatted data files contains a header section that identifies the source and nature of the data set. The data is supported by additional information files. Beach profile data information from 1996 to present can be found at the Regional Shoreline Monitoring Program page.

The survey control network for all of the transects in the Monitoring Program was updated in April 2013. The revised control information was used to process the fall 2012 data, and all of the beach profile data from the fall 2011 and spring 2012 surveys were re-processed using the updated control information. The latter two data sets were revised because they mark the start of the monitoring for 2012 RBSP. In the case of the transects located in the Mission Beach Cell, where the vertical discrepancies were greatest, all of the topographic data from spring 2000 (the start of the 2001 RBSP monitoring) to Spring 2011 were revised using the updated vertical control. As such, these data sets for the spring 2000 through spring 2012 surveys supersede those provided previously.

Shoreline positions, beach widths and beach volumes were recomputed based on the adjusted profiles. In the case of shorezone volumes, the statistical range of closure (which defines the offshore boundary of the volume calculation) was recomputed in 2012 to incorporate the beach profile data that has been accumulated since the inception of the 2001 RBSP. In consequence, many of the values for these parameters appearing in the 2012 Annual Report and associated appendices differ from those in prior reports, and supersede the previously-reported values. 

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