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Comprehensive Borders Projects

SANDAG Annual Binational Event

Every year since 1997, SANDAG has organized a Binational Conference to address a variety of border related issues.  The SANDAG Committee on Binational Regional Opportunities was tasked to support the preparation and organization of this annual event.

These binational events have included a wide range of topics, from water and energy supply, and crossborder climate change to border wait times and homeland security issues. The purpose of these events has been to bring together stakeholders from both sides of the border, to address these issues, seek out solutions and identify opportunities. Outcomes from the annual events are discussed by COBRO and presented to the Borders Committee and the SANDAG Board of Directors as possible recommendations for follow up actions.

2015 Binational Event

Regional Voice, A Border Dialogue

The SANDAG 2015 Binational Seminar was held on June 2 and focused on the border region’s economic strengths and future opportunities, engaging the voices of our regional partners to continue strategic efforts to strengthen our regional competitiveness on a global stage, and promote border prosperity.

Agenda | White Paper | Bios - English & Spanish
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Past Events

2014: Efficient Border: A Globally Competitive Region

2013: Moving the Border Forward: Competitiveness and Sustainability

2012: Mechanics of Crossborder Collaboration

2011: Enhancing Transit and Non-Motorized Mobility on the Border

2010: Crossborder Climate Change Strategies Raising Awareness of Adaption

2009: Challenges and Opportunities for Crossborder Climate Change Collaboration

2008: Smart Growth and Sustainability on the Border

2007: Tour to the Border - Tijuana Highlights

2007: Tour to the Border - Smart Growth Highlights

2005: Crossborder Collaborative Planning in Otay Mesa

2004: Coorperation Across the California-Baja California Border

2003: San Diego and Tijuana Perspectives on Homeland Security

2002: Border Infrastructure Needs and Financing - Challenges and Opportunities

2001: San Diego - Tijuana Border Wait Times - Challenges and Opportunities

2000: Networking on the Border - The Realities of Communication Among Border Entities

1999: Energy, Transportation, and Trade - Linking Binational Opportunities in the San Diego - Baja California Region

1998: Growth Challenges and Opportunities in the San Diego - Tijuana Region

1997: Water Supply in the Binational San Diego - Tijuana Region

Project Manager

Hector Vanegas, Borders Program Manager
Phone: (619) 699-1972, Email:

For media inquiries, please contact the SANDAG Public Information Office at (619) 699-1950 or