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Roads and Highways

Congestion Management Process

Federal Highway Administration 23 CFR 450.322 requires that each transportation management area (TMA) address congestion management through a process involving an analysis of multimodal metropolitan wide strategies that are cooperatively developed to foster safety and integrated management of new and existing transportation facilities eligible for federal funding.

SANDAG has been designated as the TMA for the San Diego region. San Diego Forward: The 2019 Federal Regional Transportation Plan, the region's long-range transportation plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy, meets the requirements of 23 CFR 450.322 by incorporating the following federal congestion management process (CMP): performance monitoring and measurement of the regional transportation system, multimodal alternatives and non-SOV analysis, land use impact analysis, the provision of congestion management tools, and integration with the Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP) process.

Performance monitoring for the CMP utilizes the State of the Commute Performance monitoring program.

California State Proposition 111, passed by voters in 1990, established a requirement that urbanized areas prepare and regularly update a Congestion Management Program. The requirements within the state program were developed to monitor the performance of the transportation system, develop programs to address near-term and long-term congestion, and better integrate transportation and land use planning. SANDAG provided regular updates for the state Congestion Management Program from 1991 through 2008.

In October 2009, the San Diego region elected to be exempt from the state Congestion Management Program and, since this decision, SANDAG has been abiding by 23 CFR 450.320 to ensure the region’s continued compliance with the federal CMP.

Project Manager

Rachel Kennedy, Senior Regional Planner
Phone: (619) 699-1929, Email:

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