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New incentive for I-15 drivers who sign up for FasTrak

With the beginning of fall and the start of increased traffic on the Interstate 15 corridor, SANDAG has launched an incentive campaign for I-15 drivers. Those who sign up for a new FasTrak account by November 20 will receive a free $10 gas card.

FasTrak allows solo drivers to pay a fee to use the Express Lanes, four lanes located in the center median of I-15 between Kearny Mesa and Rancho Bernardo in the City of San Diego.

Vehicles with more than one person can use the Express Lanes for free at any time. Carpooling to school and work with friends and co-workers is a great way to cut commuting expenses by at least half.

Vanpooling is another great way to travel the Express Lanes for free. Commuters can initiate a vanpool through their employer or create one of their own. Employees or employers can lease vehicles through vendors under contract with the SANDAG iCommute program. Vanpools can receive up to $400 per month to help offset the cost of the lease.  

The Express Lanes also provide a faster and more relaxing commute for those who choose to ride the Metropolitan Transit System’s (MTS) Premium Express Bus. MTS has five routes on the I-15. Riders can park in the Park & Ride lots for free.

Currently, there are 16 miles of Express Lanes along the I-15 corridor and more entry and exit points than ever before. The north segment, which will open later this year, will complete the 20-mile stretch of Express Lanes from State Route 163 to State Route 78. 

For more information on how to use the Express Lanes, visit or call 511.

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