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DISCO/DBE Compliance

CIS Training

The Compliance Information System (CIS) is an intuitive, online contract compliance system that allows contractors/consultants to view or enter subcontractor/subconsultant information, including subcontractor/subconsultant payments. CIS also allows subcontractors/subconsultants to validate their payment status on SANDAG contracts.

User Guides

To assist both contractors/consultants and subcontractors/subconsultants in the use of CIS, SANDAG provides both user guides and web-based training classes to CIS stakeholders. The following user-friendly system guides for contractors/consultants and subcontractors/subconsultants are available:

Vendor/Consultant User Guide - available on the SANDAG website

Vendor Training Manual and Vendor Quick Guide - provided by B2GNow, the system developer *
*You must have login access to view the B2GNow guides

Training Classes

Web-based training classes are available on a regularly scheduled basis through B2GNow, the system developer. Class registration can be accessed by visiting the B2GNow Login page.


E-Learning is a web-based user interactive training that provides a quick and easy way for staff to learn about CIS.

CIS E-Learning for Project Managers

Developed specifically to teach Project Managers, Resident Engineers, and Construction Managers about the system, how it will help manage projects, and how to quickly access specific information about payments, vendors, and contracts.