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Performance Auditor


The SANDAG Board has launched a nationwide search for a new Independent Performance Auditor.

Reporting directly to the SANDAG Board of Directors and Audit Committee, the Independent Performance Auditor will oversee and conduct independent examinations of SANDAG programs, functions, operations, or management systems and procedures to assess whether the agency is achieving economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in the employment of available resources; and provide sound professional recommendations for consideration in formulating policies and procedures, establishing internal controls and improving operational and organizational performance.

Executive Search Firm Selection

A Request for Proposals was released in May 2018 to solicit services from qualified executive search firms to assist the Audit Committee and Board of Directors with conducting the recruitment for the Independent Performance Auditor position.

On June 22, 2018, the SANDAG Board of Directors approved the award of a contract to Ralph Andersen & Associates. The firm was recommended by staff following a competitive selection process.

The scope of work for the project includes providing technical and strategic expertise through all phases of the recruitment; developing a position profile and recruitment brochure; preparing recommendations regarding recruitment and selection strategies; gathering input from the Audit Committee, Board, and various stakeholders; conducting an advertising campaign and sourcing candidates; and facilitating the selection of a final candidate, including negotiation of an employment contract.

Selection Subcommittee

At its July 13, 2018, meeting, the Audit Committee appointed City of El Cajon Mayor Bills Wells and public member Mr. Bob Monson to serve on the Selection Subcommittee. The Subcommittee worked with the executive search firm to provide input regarding stakeholder engagement activities, and assisted with developing the recruitment brochure that summarized the skills, experience, and attributes desired in the Independent Performance Auditor. The Selection Subcommittee also reviewed the list of candidates recommended by the executive search firm and identified individuals who will be interviewed for the position.

Stakeholder Engagement

In August 2018, Ralph Andersen & Associates invited comments and feedback from SANDAG Board members, regional stakeholders, and members of the public on the draft position description, which summarized the responsibilities, experience, and attributes SANDAG is looking for to fill the position. The input received was incorporated into the final recruitment brochure.

Recruitment Schedule

A recruitment workplan was reviewed by the Audit Committee at its meeting on July 13, 2018.

Ralph Andersen & Associates coordinated activities with the Selection Subcommittee to prepare a recruitment brochure, which was approved for distribution by the Audit Committee at its meeting on September 14, 2018. The Independent Performance Auditor position was advertised on September 19 and applications were accepted through Monday, October 22, 2018.

The Selection Subcommittee, with input from the executive recruiter, identified short-list candidates to be interviewed by the full Audit Committee on Friday, December 14, 2018. The current timeline suggests that a new Independent Performance Auditor will be selected by the SANDAG Board of Directors in early 2019.


Recruitment Brochure: SANDAG Independent Performance Auditor

Draft Position Description

July 13, 2018, Audit Committee Report: Independent Performance Auditor Recruitment

June 22, 2018, SANDAG Board of Directors Report: SANDAG Independent Performance Auditor Recruitment

SANDAG Board Policy No. 039: Audit Policy Advisory Committee and Audit Activities

Proposed Recruitment Workplan