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Comprehensive Biking and Walking

Shared Streets Pilot Program

In May 2020, SANDAG piloted a Shared Streets program as an alternative way to promote Bike Month while addressing immediate public health concerns resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. SANDAG continued the pilot as Shared Streets 2.0 which supported up to $60,000 in available funding to support Bike Month in May 2021.

Shared streets pilot projects are temporary roadway modifications that create safe and healthy spaces for people of all ages and abilities to bike or use other micromobility options (e.g., scooters, skateboards) while reducing vehicle miles traveled.

Eligible projects include creating temporary bikeways or car-free zones in commercial corridors, closing or limiting through-traffic on residential streets that connect to commercial corridors, and implementing temporary traffic measures or installing signage to support the project.

Shared Streets 2.0 Funded Projects

Two jurisdictions implemented Shared Streets 2.0 projects between May 1, 2021 and June 27, 2021. Both cities temporarily modified residential streets using appropriate signage to alert vehicles of the closures and removal of parking. The areas created safe space for people biking, walking, running, scootering, and other micromobility options.

San Diego

El Cajon

Shared Streets 2.0 Pilot Evaluation

SANDAG partnered with UC San Diego to assess the impact of the Shared Streets 2.0 Pilot projects on changes in travel behaviors, perceptions of safety, and public health. UC San Diego conducted the assessment through manual counts and intercept surveys before, during, and after project implementations.

Shared Streets 2.0 Pilot Evaluation

For more information regarding the evaluation, please contact:
Katie Crist, PhD, MPH
Urban Studies & Panning Department
University of California, San Diego

Shared Streets 1.0 Funded Pilots

Eight jurisdictions implemented Shared Streets 1.0 pilots that included a wide range of activities such as closing residential streets to thru traffic, enhancing signage to alert vehicles of shared streets conditions and closures, and creating space for local business patrons to walk, bike, and dine outside while maintaining physical distance.

County of San Diego

Chula Vista

El Cajon


Imperial Beach

La Mesa

National City

San Diego


View a summary of what was implemented in cities across North America early on in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shared Streets 2.0 Pilot Program Frequently Asked Questions


For Shared Streets Pilot Program assistance, please contact: