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Demographics and Other Data

SANDAG creates and maintains a tremendous quantity of data about the San Diego region.

Maps and GIS

Download GIS data and explore our interactive mapping services.


SANDAG develops annual demographic estimates and long range forecasts in addition to maintaining information from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Data Surfer
Obtain accurate census, estimates, and forecast information and reports based on your specific needs.

Comprehensive data from the U.S. Census, conducted once every ten years, as well as the American Community Survey.

Current Estimates
Annual estimates of population and housing characteristics.

Growth Forecasts
Information about the 2030 and 2050 regional growth forecasts.


Highway Hot Spots & Volumes Tracker
A one-stop data source that tracks weekday month-by-month vehicle miles traveled on local highways, including traffic speeds and average daily traffic volumes at ten traffic hotspots.

Average Daily Traffic Volumes
Tabular traffic county data for significant arterial roadways and all Caltrans routes in the San Diego region.

Transportation Forecast Information Center
Forecasted traffic volumes for various increments between the travel demand base year and 2050 horizon year.

Regional Count Database
An interactive database for San Diego region arterial roadways that allows planners and engineers to upload and download count data, as well as map, manage, and analyze average daily traffic counts, intersection turn movement counts, and bike and pedestrian counts.

Criminal Justice

The SANDAG Criminal Justice Research Division produces semi-annual crime reports and annual arrest reports.