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Maps and GIS

SANDAG employs sophisticated geographic information systems, a marriage of maps and computers, to help planners and decision-makers visualize real-world phenomena.

GIS Data Downloads

SANDAG and SanGIS have teamed up to provide a single source of authoritative publicly available GIS data. The downloadable data includes 270 layers from 29 different categories.

Interactive Mapping

Explore our free interactive mapping applications.

Web Mapping Services

Our web mapping services help users view, navigate, and customize their maps.

Printed Maps

View our collection of printed maps available for order. For custom maps, please contact the SANDAG Service Bureau.

GIS Animations & Visualizations

SANDAG has pioneered a series of animations and visualizations showing changes over time and space that make complex information easier to understand.

More Information

Learn more about SANDAG GIS and the San Diego Regional GIS Council.

SANDAG Data Disclaimer

Please review the SANDAG data disclaimer prior to using GIS data or web services.